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Cléo T2 - The asset of a great (BD)

The little Cléo continues to present the Egypt of the Lagides to us in a second volume: “The trump of a great one”. A popular comic strip intended for a very young audience.

In this new comic strip with sketches (one gag per board) we find the future queen Cleopatra VII as a child who makes us discover her city and her family. If the comic strip is there above all to make a very young audience laugh with childish gags, it also allows them to initiate them into the History of Ptagide Egypt through references to key figures (Alexander the Great, Archimedes, Cheops, Ramses II ...), some important monuments of Alexandria (the lighthouse, the library, the serapeum and its "Pompey's column" ...), some important themes of Egyptology (the mummification, the sacralization of the Royal family...).

The comic book ends with an educational file of five illustrated pages written by Virginie Joliton, Egyptologist, who recently completed her thesis on Greco-Roman Egypt (Institute of Archeology and Antiquity at the University of Lausanne). This small file deals with the rise to power of Cleopatra VII from the departure from Alexandria of her father Ptolemy XII until the death of her lover Julius Caesar. The file is well constructed and accessible for neophytes, it can however prove to be a little difficult for a very young public (beginning of cycle 3) to which seems to be addressed in large part to the comic strip. For a better understanding, the reading of the file should therefore be accompanied and commented by an adult who will know how to make the transition between the candid world of Cléo and the much more Machiavellian and violent world of Cleopatra VII. The only downside is that it is a shame that this file does not go into a little more detail on the real elements mentioned in the comics. The idea of ​​systematic footnotes, already used in the comic strip "The 100 Years War" in which Cazenove participated, would certainly deserve to be taken up.

But in the end, this humorous little comic should allow young history lovers to have a good time during the summer holidays that are beginning!

- The little great pharaon
- The advantage of a great

Screenplay: Hélène Beney & Christophe Cazenove
Drawing: Richard di Martino
Colors: Sandrine Cordurié
Editions: Bamboo

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